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on a japanese vessel. they say the incident happened last week near the senkaku islands in the east china sea. japan controls the islands. china and taiwan claim them. defense ministry officials say last wednesday the crew of a chinese frigate directed fire control radar on a self-defense force destroyer. the ships were about three kilometers apart. the officials say the crew of a chinese frigate directed the same kind of radar last month at a japanese helicopter. officers used fire-control raid tore lock on to objects at which missiles can be fired. the chinese did not launch any missiles. still, japanese defense ministry officials say the incident was extremely unusual. diplomats lodged a protest with chinese authorities. defense officials are trying to find out who made the decision to lock on. now, the u.s. state department spokesperson expressed her concern over the incident. >> actions such as this escalate tensions and increase the risk of an incident or a miscalculation, and they could undermine peace, stability, and economic growth in this vital region. so we are concerned about it.
incident involving china's navy and japan's maritime self-defense force. the crew on board a chinese frigate locked their weapon's radar on a japanese destroyer in the east china sea. now, nhk sources reveal it happened 100 kilometers, or what they consider a long way from islands both countries claim. officials with japan's defense ministry say the chinese frigate locked the weapons radar on the sdf destroyer ship a week ago. the ships were reportedly 3 kilometers apart. the officials say crews on a different chinese frigate locked their weapons radar on a japanese helicopter on another destroyer earlier in january. the frigate was reportedly a few kilometers away. these incidents are getting a lot of attention because the two countries are at odds over the senkaku islands. japan controls the territory. china and taiwan claim it. japan coast guard patrol ships monitor the islands. chinese surveillance vessels have navigated in and out of japanese waters around the territory for months, but the chinese navy has not. analysts say the fact that the most recent radar incident happened f
. >> that's right. we will also be going to china. we've been reporting all week long, last few weeks as well, and the toxics law in beijing keeping people inside, posing a respiratory threat, especially to the elderly and children now. it is on the move, now in japan. we will be telling you about what people there are doing as well to deal with the threat of china's toxic smog. stay with us. >> welcome back. british prime minister david cameron's bowling conservative party has split in two over his push to legalize same-sex marriages, a move that many of his own lawmakers say was wrong, not a priority for the public, and unnecessarily divisive. >> many conservatives still up in parliament to denounce the legislation ahead of the vote in which up to half of kamins 303 lawmakers are expected to reject the measure on moral and religious grounds. >> matthew and chris were the first to register their relationship at a registry office when england and wales introduced the civil partnership act in 2005. they took the chance to gain official recognition of their 40-year relationship. now the
more from jakarta. >> a factory. a producer of children's clothing is moving its production to china. more than 200 workers have been sent home with severance pay. >> for the garment industry, as our cause is very high. ground 30%. the minimum wage goes up by 50%, like in jakarta, our salary will be 45% up a total cost. this is dangerous because we are competing with cheap imports from china. >> this is not what you expect to see in a booming economy, a factory closing down and moving its production abroad. employers are complaining that higher labor costs will lead to higher unemployment. indonesia's's economy is growing more than 6%. labor unions demand a fair share for their workers. after a crowded and sometimes violent protests, local governments decided to raise the menem wage by 40%. at the end of january, many workers began receiving a higher salary of around 200 u.s. dollars per month. still not enough to afford proper housing. others have yet to receive a raise because employers are still negotiating with the government, like these metal workers. >> we need a proper life. t
of how important china has become for the global film industry. like a lot of industries -- cars, mobile phones, everyone wants to get into china, and it is the same in the film business. china is the second largest film market after the u.s., and everyone wants to get in there because it is where the money is to be made. it has gotten so that in hollywood everyone wants their films to be played in china so they will get their scripts approved because if you do not have china nowadays, you will not make any money, and i think that is reflected even in a very respected our house festival like berlin that the future of the global industry is china. >> what can you tell us about the interest from china at the berlinale? >> obviously, "the grandmaster" is the biggest film coming out of china right now. the director is very successful and very well known in europe because most of his previous films have been very european, emotional traumas shot in a beautiful french style. this film is different. it has a bit of that, but it is a martial arts action movie, so it is an interesting combination
is spending a day. -- spending big. today there was another development in the ongoing standoff between china and japan in the east china seas. a day after accusing the warship of using weapons on a japanese destroyer, japan's prime minister fired back, describing it as a provocative act. he said the country's need to go back to a strategic partnership with mutual benefit. after the recent flare-up, is that possible? >> on january 30, japan says the chinese navy locked its radar on a japanese destroyer in the east china sea. about 10 days earlier, tokyo says another chinese for gates -- chinese frigate did the same to a helicopter. japan cost prime minister condemned the incident. >> at a time they are resuming talks, it is regrettable china has carried out provocative action towards japan. >> the incidents are reported to have taken place close to this group of islands in the east china sea, which japan controls but china claims as its own. for months japanese and chinese coast guard ships have been engaged in a game of cat and mouse around the islands. china has sought to assert its claims.
china sea. chinese and japanese vessels were navigate ago way from the islands at the time. analysts say both sides may have been seeking to avoid escalating tensions around the islands. officials with japan's defense ministry say that june 30th, a chinese frigate locked weapons targeting on a destroyer. the two ships were reportedly 3 kilometers apart. a japanese helicopter from another destroyer is also believed to have been a targeted by fire control radar from a different chinese frigate on january 19th. the ship was reportedly a few kilometers away. patrol ships of the japan coast guard are assigned to waters near the senkaku islands. china repeatedly sends its surveillance vessels into the area. >>> japan's prime minister is calling what happened at sea regrettable. shinzo abe says this kind of action could trigger unexpected consequences. >> translator: it's deplorable that china carried out this one sided provocative action. just as our countries were working towards holding talks to improve our strained ties. >> abe said he'll urge chinese leaders to prevent this kind of thing f
, thank you for shedding light on what you're doing. tensions have been renewed between japan and china. the prime minister has accused china of provocative activity in the east china sea over their rival claims to disputed islands. the incident on tuesday when a warship locked on to a japanese destroyer, he called it a unilateral and dangerous act that could have unpredictable consequences. we have this report, from tokyo. >> january 30, japan says that a chinese navy frigate like this one locked its fire control radar onto a japanese destroyer in the east china sea. about 10 days earlier tokyo says that another frigate like this one did exactly the same to a navy helicopter. addressing parliament today, the prime minister condemned both it -- condemned both incidents. >> at a time when there were hopeful signs of japan and china resuming talks, it is report -- it is regrettable that they have engaged in this one-sided and provocative action. >> incidents are reported to have taken place close to this group of islands, which japan controls but china claims as its own. for months japane
be turned upside down. foxconn workers in china will get the first free union vote. these guys produced 40% of the world's electronics. will this push up the price of your smartphone? you might want to embrace for impact. even when they say it's not it is always about money melissa: first let's take a look at today's market moments. stocks recovered after the worst day of the year. solid u.s. and european economic data helped put the bulls back on the track. the dow briefly climbed back above the 14,000 mark and pared session highs closing up 99 points. nasdaq and s&p 500 each gained more than 1%. >>> starting off tonight with president obama's big plan. using immigration reform to achieve a quote, balanced deficit reduction which the president says i i crucial for economic growth and competitiveness. he met with top ceos and labor leaders today. live from the white house with the very latest is fox business's peter barnes. peter, what happened? >> well, hey, melissa. that meeting just broke up a few minutes ago, the one with the ceos the president meeting with a dozen of them including ll
countries like north korea and china acting up on cyber attacks, cutting defense spending could be deadly. first to you, what di do you mae of the video? >> the north koreans read a very rich life. north koreans are belligerent, noisy, they're insecure, they're feeling left behind, not members of the club, in other words they're really bad 13-year-olds yelling "mommy, i hate you." we need to be the adult, responded soberly and deliberately do not fall for that stuff. that doesn't mean they're not a danger, but despite on paper, it is an antiquated if not huge military. the greatest danger to me his miscalculation especially on the north korean side, they live on another planet. liz: how could the north koreans miscalculate the u.s.? go ahead. >> they did so because they got away with so many publications in 2010 that once again any provocation to do with it is another nuclear test or an actual attack, washington an wil feel so intimidated we will not have any kind of response out of fear it will escalate to an all-out war in the peninsula. liz: you can almost time for the month when north
or two on our biggest rivals abroad: iran and china. take your eyes off one second and they start pulling stuff. china, last week >> the "new york times" says hackers have been attacking his computer system for the past four months. >> chinese hackers reportedly stole e-mail passwords for every single "new york times" employee. >> jon: that's it? that's your big attack? you're the guys who beat the [bleep] out of us in math and science. you send your elite hacker squad out and all they get is maureen dowd's email address. it's like trying to starve us by disrupting our vegetable supply. you want our attention, hack our tv news. >> today as cnn tried to cover the news about the hacking story, the chinese government blacked out the story. >> china is literally watching cnn on air with the finger on a button >> jon: that's not just the chinese. that's pretty much how we all watch cnn. >> i'm wolf blitzer. you're in the... >> jon: (jon hits button). ( cheers and applause ) i have to say, china, i'm not feeling that threatened. maybe iran could pick up the slack. >> now the greatest achievemen
big. today there was another development in the ongoing standoff between china and japan in the east china seas. a day after accusing the warship of using weapons on a japanese destroyer, japan's prime minister fired back, describing it as a provocative act. he said the country's need to go back to a strategic partnership with mutual benefit. after the recent flare-up, is that possible? >> on january 30, japan says the chinese navy locked its radar on a japanese destroyer in the east china sea. about 10 days earlier, tokyo says another chinese for gates -- chinese frigate did the same to a helicopter. japan cost prime minister condemned the incident. >> at a time they are resuming talks, it is regrettable china has carried out provocative action towards japan. >> the incidents are reported to have taken place close to this group of islands in the east china sea, which japan controls but china claims as its own. for months japanese and chinese coast guard ships have been engaged in a game of cat and mouse around the islands. china has sought to assert its claims. previous incidents ha
demand thanks to shipments in china after a dismal year for the industry. >>> disney could be the happiest place on earth today. the media giant reports better than expected earnings, sees even brighter days ahead. >>> new imminent privatization for ubs. the business secretary plays down talk of a government plan to sell shares in the state-owned banks. this as rbc confirms it's liable to face libor penalties. >>> all right. let's bring you up to speed at the top of the program. we start with global equities and european equities in particular, weighted to the upside. 8-1. advancers outpaced decliners at the moment. footse 100, gauges today, this is where we stand. up .5%, xetera dax up a quarter. the ibex up .4, trying to receiver from the losses on monday -- recover from the losses on monday. the cac cac up .25. shares jumping after a strong earnings report. the danish wind turbine maker announcing better than expected rise in fourth quarter profit and revenue. stock up 7%. they expect a pickup and more demand this year. this after the net loss widened to $4 billion in th
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la versiÓn china. volvemos. ♪ >>> la organizaciÓn boysscaut retrasaron una decisiÓn sobre si aceptan a gays, dijeron que necesitan mÁs tiempo para pensarlo. la investigaciÓn de la muerte de macho camacho se quedÓ sin sospechoso, dos personas que eran de interÉs quedaron libres. y nos dice cÓmo llegaron a esa decisiÓn. >>> jesÚs naranjo de 25 aÑos. y mÉndez de 21 se convirtieron en personas de interÉs la noche del pasado 20 de noviembre. pero hoy la policÍa anunciÓ que no tienen nada que ver en el caso. >>> aquÍ se le tomo una prueba de adn, a los dos dÍas de entregarnos, y siempre afrontaron la situaciÓn, diciendo que nadie tiene que tener duda que no tienen nada que ver. >>> el vehÍculo que manejaban era de la misma caracterÍstica en la que participÓ en el hecho. >>> ellos se pusieron a correr por su seguridad. >>> se dieron a la fuga cuando le pidieron la licencia, y tambiÉn hubo intercambio de balas. la policÍa los identificÓ y ellos se presentaron al cuartel. >>> cuando se determina que son inocentes? >>> de la investigaciÓn realizada, entrevista, y
, but based on what l. ron hubbard, the founder of scientology, discovered when he went to china. >> basically we're required to repeat from l. ron hubbard's works in unison. they would have a big piece of butcher paper and you would read from those, then we had to learn it so well we could do it without the paper there. >> he'd gone to china and he'd seen this happening in chinese schools and liked the idea of it? >> yes, he thought that was an effective way of teaching, i guess. but essentially we were learning things and to learn them verbatim without examining the information. >> you feel completely brainwashed? >> when i look back, definitely. i didn't know what i liked or what kind of person i was. i was just basically a robot of the church. >> let's take a break. let's come back and talk about the celebrity aspect of this. because tom cruise, john travolta and others have tried to make it sound like a really sexy thing to be part of, but there's clearly a sinister side to this. i wonder if celebrities got treated differently to people like you. >>> i think it's a privilege to call yours
models all seven continents. his pictures from china, too far away. the celebrated issue will reveal its cover from monday. the magazines, there we go, said it took seven months to complete issued which included a stop in and out to go where the temperatures or subfreezing. that does not look subfreezing. >> it looks quite good. i will say, i started my career in journalism when i was 14 reviewing with my friends on ready of the swimsuit issue specials, so i am very glad that they now expanded to the seven kinds. >> i feel like crap about my body now. melissa: it is tough, when you think about antarctica, it's such better. we have to go. that's all the "money" we have for you today. you will see you back here tomorrow. gerri: hello, everybody. i'm gerri willis. tonight on "the willis report" to let serious knew questions about server security and the federal reserve is confidential affirmation to hackers. join us on a massive scale. how american cities are facing financial ruin. also, all new world first to none that. the wealthiest colleges are now suing students should know repay . tha
. >>> computer hackers believed to be in china are still going after american news organizations and government news agencies. news corp ceo, the parent company of this network is rupert murdoch. he tweeted yesterday that hackers are continuing the attack on the computer system at the "wall street journal" which he also owns. we first reported this hacking around this time last week. word that cyber criminals, cyber criminals have infiltrated the journal's network comes after the "new york times" and the "washington post" reported similar breaches possibly in china. block berg reported a -- bloomberg reported an attack as well as the federal reserve. the u.s. central bank is basically unaffected. let's check in with jonathan hunt with the rest of the story. china is the main suspect, clearly. >> reporter: yes. certainly in the attacks on these big media organizations, and our boss, rupert murdoch, seems to have no doubt at all. he tweeted today, quote, chinese still hacking us or were over weekend. now, we don't have a lot of detail about the juan guevara wt journal attack. the "new york times"
in china. the bay area council is planning to send a delegation to china in two months. there they hope to use the new office to promote trade and collaboration between china. the president of the council says they hope trade office can facilitate the conversations. >>> seems like they're pretty high and i don't understand why they keep going up and down. >> a pinch at the pump and we ask what's behind this sudden price hike. >> and the number one reason many of us feel facebook fatigue. >> and download the ktvu app, click on the icon and watch all of our newscasts live. [ female announcer ] the best thing about this bar it's not a candy bar. 130 calories 7 grams of protein the new fiber one caramel nut protein bar. of green giant vegetables it's easy to eat like a giant... ♪ and feel like a green giant. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant >>> three people are under arrest after shots were fired on an oakland freeway this afternoon. police received reports of shots fire from a white audi near keller. officers pulled the car over and made one arrest. the driver of that car raced off again fin
, that is weaker. you use this term, better tone, when it came to china. what is better tone, in terms of a where we could be six months from now? >> look back to the spring of 2011. we really saw the construction equipment market demand drop by 50%. since then, we have not seen good demand in china for construction equipment. that is a market we sell a lot of electrical equipment. january we saw positive orders, one month does not make a trend. it is hard to start a trend without a month. what we are encouraged about in january, typically this is a weaker time period, post chinese new year, that is normally when you see the economy pick up. we are encouraged that we are starting to see a heart beat, one of the markets that has been moribund for the last couple of years. >> you talk about a new way to view the company. you have fast growing products and systems, you have a vehicle segment. analysts did start by saying is there a possibility that you may spin out truck and auto? is that an idea or something that makes it easier to understand eaton? >> really aimed at helping to make it easier to u
francisco tonight as they prepare to reopen a trade office in china. the bay area council is planning to send a delegation to china in two months. there they hope to use the new office to promote trade and collaboration between china. the president of the council says they hope trade office can facilitate the conversations. >>> seems like they're pretty high and i don't understand why they keep going up and down. >> a pinch at the pump and we ask what's behind this sudden price hike. >> and the number one reason many of well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible. >>> three people are under arrest after shots were fired on an oakland freeway this afternoon. police received reports of shots fire from
wonder if america's greatest technologicallyal achievements are behind us and if other nations like china and india will soon surpass us or perhaps already have. some nations are creating environments so attractive to global manufacturers that companies have relocated much of their activities on foreign soil. our global trade imbalance is growing as we export less and import more. and today this imbalance includes many high-backed products. other nations are changing their policies to become more competitive and so should we. fortunately blazing trails into new frontiers is what america has always done best. to set the stange for this congress and to -- stage for this congress and to understand where america's heading, we have very knowledgeable witnesses testifying before us today. each of them thoroughly ppedses both public and private research and development efforts as well as where our global competitors are headed. members of this committee have the opportunity to work together on policies that will help america stay competitive and today's hearing is a first step. that concludes my
that china's getting better. we've got to file that away for the next opportunity to play china. david pyatt, total gold rush. you see, he explained to us that allergen has not just one new drug, but possibility of a second blockbuster, an inhaled migraine fighter that his company now owns 100% of thanks to the pending purchase of pharmaceuticals. well, the interview broke no news, kind of like, you know, breaking news thing, it did produce something i felt that was better. a more pertinent impression, which was that pyatt's allergen's ever conservative ceo. always really conservative. when i said i read the tea leaves right, the fact he guided analysts higher, not lower this time meant he was more bullish than usual. his readiness to agree with that. this is a conservative guy. the readiness gave you a fabulous trade. allergen went to 108 1/2 as it should have. you can hold on to up here, but $1.50 is a good day's work, depending on how much capital you put to work. while i was doing interviews, got news out of chipotle. seemed like a not so hot less than 4% same-store sales. we used to get
. a strong place for estee lauder is china, with quarterly sales up 28%. the same cannot be said for yum brands and its k.f.c. brand, and sales at those store open for at least a year in china were down 6% in the fourth quarter. k.f.c. was the target of a chinese government investigation into the use of antibiotics in chicken. it expects earnings per share to fall this year, sending shares down 2.9% to their lowest closing price since july. as we reported earlier in the program, the u.s. government officially filed civil fraud charges against s&p credit ratings services, and the shares of its parent company took another hit. mcgraw hill stock fell another 10.7%. the stock was above $58 per share last friday; tonight, it's below $45, losing more than $3.5 billion of market value in two days. while its competitor in bond ratings, moody's, isn't part of the government suit, its shares also have fallen hard, dropping 8.8% today. it has shed more than $2 billion of market value this week. all five of the most actively traded exchange traded products were stronger today. the nasdaq 100 trackin
. a chicken scare in china led to disappointing earnings at yum! brands. shares fell yesterday after yum! released disappointing earnings news. kfc, which is owned by yum!, saw a dramatic drop in its china sales following news of a chemical residue found in the chain's chicken supply. yum! revised its full-year outlook, stating that it expects sales to shrink. meanwhile, bp says oil production has fallen, while costs are up. that means profits are down, but the company managed to beat wall street expectations. and, a turn-around for zynga. the online gaming site posted a profit in the 4th quarter, topping wall street's expectations. shares popped 5% in after-hours trading. the ftc corrects its statement about herbalife: the agency now says language about a pending law enforcement investigation into herbalife is incorrect, saying that it should have cited a foreign government agency. herbalife stock had a wild ride on that erroneous news monday, dropping more than 12% before closing with a slight gain for the day. yesterday was a much milder. the stock rallied 21 cents. a billion dollars.
that fox con is the apple computer parts plant in china what do you think of the fact that they announced that they are going to allow workers to unionize? >> i think it's a really positive step in the right direction. i hope it's legitimate. we see tremendous abuse of workers in ail different parts of the world. we're involved in a campaign in mexico, where tremendous abuse of worker, and they do wire harness work in deplorable conditions. it's very much like the fox con story. anywhere that global public pressure can convince companies that they should give workers the right to organize and the right to collective bargaining that is very very positive. >> jennifer: and will that convince countries they should be more responsive to union workers, like in china? >> well, you know, we work throughout the world. we're involved in some campaigns in india right now, where we're supporting worker's rights to organize. so we want to see a global middle class we want to see every country respect laborers rights, and yes, we think it is extremely impo
." investigators traced those attacks on the papers to government-backed hackers in china looking to monitor coverage of chinese politics. everyday state-sponsored spies-- the majority from china-- are infiltrating key government and business computer networks inside the united states. u.s. cyber command estimates american companies are losing $250 billion a year in intellectual property. how often are they coming after us? >> it's more than daily. >> reporter: retired general michael hayden who headed the c.i.a. and the national security agency says cyber enemy cans do much greater harm. >> most of the stuff out there now is espionage but in a peculiar way if i can get on your network and steal your stuff i already have the ability to break your stuff. >> reporter: hayden and other security analysts warn critical systems could be knocked out in an attack launched by computer. while no u.s. infrastructure has yet been successfully targeted, power grids, transportation systems and financial networks are all potentially vulnerable. until he retired last year, sean henry ran the f.b.i.'s cyber
, in general, that the people's republic of china carries out the largest number of attacks from mainland china against u.s. interests. mainland china and the peoples republic there. they managed to carry out, also 3500 front organizations in this country specifically to hack, acquire, steel, however you want to say it, military secrets. all of which have been the victims of cyber attacks. they say, well, nothing very much was, you know, taken from us. we do not know who did it. rest assured, it was a temporary problem and has since been fixed. it is repeated by the day. lori: do you think that these cyber attacks are escalating toward something bigger? to your point, you mentioned how the attacks happen every day, yet we are clueless to most of them. lou: we have to be very honest about this. all of our intel agencies, do they really presume that they will be telling what the nature of the attack was? it may be for intelligence reasons that they are not saying who it is. we know, generally, that china is the source of most of them. we know, generally, that anonymous, this group protesting , as
. in asia, china up eighth straight session. nikkei highest level since september of 2008. disney set to open at record highs. strength in media networks. word that it's planning films based on "star wars" characters. >>> zynga, revenues continue to fall and the social gaming company said 2013 would be profitable. >>> company seeing momentum in america's improvement in europe and big margin gains for 2013 for ralph lauren. >>> the post office could be eliminating or cutting back deliveries on saturday. we'll explain. they carry the official announcement at 10:00 a.m. this morning. >>> we start with disney. shares rising pre-market, set to open at all-time highs at fiscal fourth quarter profits beat the markets. growing attendance at the theme parks. real news came during bob iger's interview with our own julia boorstin. >> in fact, we are working on a few stand-alone films. larry kazden and simon ginberg are working on films derived on "star wars" characters that are not part of the overall saga. we still plan to make "star wars" 7, 8 and 9 over roughly a six-year period of time. ther
in scotland to the persian gulf, and whose merchants traveled as far afield as india and china-- the culmination and the unifying of the old cultures of the mediterranean world and western europe. from that day to this, rome would be the greatest single influence on the western cultural tradition. indeed, it could be said that rome is that tradition. it's not merely that rome gave the west the latin language, roman law, roman ideas on state craft and on society. it was rome which passed on to the west the artistic, philosophical, and spiritual legacy of ancient greece, which rome had conquered, looted, and then learned from. it was rome which would be the agency of transmission to the west of an obscure, near-eastern religious cult which became the dynamic, motive force in western society and spiritual life-- christianity. but rome also gave the west a practical legacy, a legacy which western people see every day of their lives, from washington square to trafalgar square. and that legacy lies in the realm of architecture, civil engineering, building, town planning. these were t
, they are not stupid. they know they would lose. first of all, why are we talking to kato from china when we need to be focusing on north korea. >> it is a libertarian thing. it is not the sidekick to the green hornet. >> i think they will show it is the psychics of the green hornet. let's go to the tape. all right bruce lee. i think they might be stupid. let's look at the video. what they have got here is 80s era songs coupled with 90s era graphics. the message is we are supposed to be afraid of that. i think they might be so stupid that they think this is even more threatening than the iran space monkey and quite frankly the iran space monkey scares me to death. >> i want to make 16 short points before we move on. couldn't this, jonathon, be the olive branch? say there is a crazy person that wants to be friends or a psycho path. they don't know how to do it. this could be a crazy person's way of saying, hey, we like you. we like your music. we like fire all over your buildings to keep you warm with. >> you sound like a criesy person. a crazy person. >> you have to think crazy to understand craz
-day chart up again. eight-year chart, close to eight-year highes. why? china is recovering and importing more. and less ka pass knit north american lumber over the last five years. tyler, back to you. >> very interesting, rick. thank you very much. from bonds and lumber, the commodity to some other commodities. energy is the leading sector in the recent stock market run-up. while investors are cashing in, consumers of course feeling a bit of the pinch. sharon epperson with the winners and losers. hi, sharon. >> hi, tyler. we have seen them have gains in the last month of 20 to 30% or more and they are can capitalizing on the growth we have seen in unconventional oil, in oil sands and shale oil in the middle part of the country. it is what gates calls refining renaissance and u.s. refiners are able to produce gasoline more cheaply than elsewhere in the world. that's because the price of u.s. oil right now is just above $96 a barrel. compare that to crude prices from the north sea which is near $116 a barrel. that is $20 discount. the widest we have seen this year and it is makesing gasoli
. on the geographic side i would say on the emerging market, brazil, mexico, china are growing very fast and sensational demand for our products in those three markets. in mature economies the u.s. is doing quite well and japan is growing modestly. europe has positive trends but not strong as you would expect. david: what are the positive trends of europe? everybody's looking for a market of hope. >> not just for us, but for the market the last two years. in the midst of restructuring the supply chain as a way of reducing the cost structure of the companies that operate and that is good for our business because it generates demand for new warehouses and we are the market leader, so it has been great for our business in the last 24 months. the robust economy would even be better but you can't ask for everything. liz: you're asking for a lot here. let's dig into the real fibers of the fabric of the company so the people understand you have done deals with amazon, they think they're ordering products, flying in from warehouses and businesses you actually own, amazon properties in eight diff
her master's at gw school of engineering and applied science. originally from china, she's been india united states for five years, studying operations research and the systems engineering department. if you talk to her you will see, she's pretty smart. she would like to stay here. she wants to invest her talents in america, and maybe even start her own company. but she has seen too many of her friends with advanced degrees have to go home, despite sharing some of her same dreams and aspirations of wanting to become part of this country. now last year the house passed a bipartisan s.t.e.m. jobs act which helped fix this problem. we will act again in this congress, and we hope the senate chooses to join us at this time. i look forward to fiona realizing her dream, and our country reaping the rewards of her hard work and talent. whether it's college or the cost of day care, making life work for more families means reducing the economic insecurity plaguing so many working moms and dads. over the last 20 years the world has changed. it used to be that one could make a career out of workin
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